We Are Animals

Humans are Animals.

This is Real Truth that most teachers and parents do not want to tell students and their children.

Every person, and every animal, and every dog, and every bird. Are Animals.

And they often focus on origins of the humanity, and the major relationships. Human beings stand at the pinnacle of creation, made in the image of Yahweh-Elohim?

Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace, are humans, ha-adam, another branch in the evolutionary tree, made of earth, sharing blood and breath with kol nefesh. Every living creature moves.

The most famous creation accounts occur in Genesis. Creation of both humans and animals actually happens twice and is closely connected. The first account compresses the creation and blessing of the whole swarming animal kingdom into a mere six verses. People say “Humans are made in God’s image” and given “dominion” over every other living creature.