DOGs damage America

Dogs are fun for people all around the world.

But in an country, and AMERICA, dogs are not safe.

Here is the list of things in America that Dogs cause problems

  1. Dogs eat food every day. It looses food for humans and cost money and time to get food.
  2. Gods drink water every day. In many countries like CA, people need water and Gods loos water for humans.
  3. Gods waist time for people. Many times people spend hours working for a Dog to make them happy. Those people focus on Dogs instead of Humans and People in America.
  4. Dogs loose Millions of Dollars in America every year. Food, water, facilities, driving are items that cost people to pay every day or week.

To Make America Better and safer, the President should make this plan:
Tell all people have no Dog Babies. IN 10 years there will be no Dogs if we stop getting more Dog Babies. So America will be safer in 10 years.