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SEE REAL TRUTH website is dedicated to revealing all of the REAL TRUTH from all around the planet.

Most people on the planet do not want to face the Real Truth.  You are above average if you are willing to research the truth about things in your life.

This site is a work in progress. And it will continue to reveal real truth forever as possible. It is updated with more information whenever more truth is discovered. As we work with people around the world, and research the realities of everyone’s life, the truth of the realities are revealed here.

Your comments are appreciated, and if you have real truth we can reveal here, please let us know about it.  We want to reveal all of the real truth on the planet to all people. This site was created to help everyone in the world get access to the Real Truth and see the science, logic, and proof that the Truth here is Really True. 

The Truth that will be Revealed on this Real Truth Website:

  • We are Ancestors of, and Related to, all Animals on Earth. We Are ANIMALS
  • Most Nations are Great Nations. Your country is your favorite country.
  • America is a Great Country best in the World!
    And here is a list of the Best and Great America items.
    And there are a few bad items. Here is the link about America.
  • Belief in FALSE and UNTRUE things greatly help most all people.
  • Do not Eat Lots of BIG food every day. Food triggers DIVERTICULITIS huge tummy pain. 2-4% of most people get DiverTiculitus. Its painful and Hurts your Body….
  • Medical aspects of psychology and emotions.
  • Putting People in prisons is not always a good thing. Keep People Happy!
    Prison Buildings are not Happy to Live In.
  • The innovative people that are the ones responsible for helping make our world and society much better are outstanding innovative high functioning people. They are mentally unusual and different than most average humans.
  • Religion is Great for Humanity and Government control..
  • Less than half the people in the country are  “Very Smart People“,  so for politicians to get elected by the majority of citizens, they must entice people who are not really very smart.
  • Animals are Very Smart, have emotions, personality and intelligence.
  • Many people considered “Crazy” are victims of Human Nature which can cause Crimes Against Humanity, Terrorism, Drug Addiction, and Immorality.

  • Restrictions by Governments greatly help the economy and citizenship of the Restricted Nation.  
  • Name Changes really get people excited about things that scares them.
    Cloud Server excites people, people eat Snow Crab instead of Bering Sea crabbers.
  • Humans are not in any other planet. You are a Humann. Other Planets do not have Humans like you. Humann_Info
  • 2 Million years ago Humans started being alive. 200,000 Years ago People were created as Humans. Every 100 years Humans get Better.
  • Every 50-100 years, Humans always get Better. Humans Get Better by adding fun items. Engineers often do work to make life better.
  • The BIBLE about GOD was created by Humans. Humans created the concept of GOD. How Humans Created God is shown truthful here.

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